Renovation and home improvement

BAVEST GmbH offers a range of home renovation and improvement services, from simple wall, bathroom, flooring and facilities works to a complete new home construction and design.

Renovation of walls and ceilings

  • removing old paint, wall paper etc.
  • scraping and grinding win order to even the surface for painting preparation
  • priming for dispersion paint
  • painting with 2 or more layers of dispersion paint

Renovation of bathrooms 

  • removing of old tiles, incl. disposal
  • laying new tiles, incl. cutting, cleaning and waterproofing
  • removing of old sanitaries (toilet, basins, shower, bathtube)
  • installation of new sanitaries


  • exchange and disposal of the old flooring (old carpet, panels, etc.) into parket (Klickparkett) or laminat
  • laying new tiles


  • in cooperation with a Polish window company we offer high quality windows in prices up to 30% lower than on the local market


  • exchanging the light switches, electric sockets and TV spots, incl. inserts
  • exchanging the belts from the external blinds and rollers
  • moving electrical point (cable with light) from one wall to the other or to the ceiling


  • construction of annex/ house extension
  • construction of new houses

Interior architect design

  • we offer modern and affordable interior design services provided by our architect

Post-construction apartment deep-cleaning

  • we will make sure that even after the biggest construction site your house and apartment are ready to move in
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